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About Influential

INFLUENTIAL aims to create strategic content to help our clients achieve their goals. Our team is well-versed in the realms of investments, business, philanthropy, and academics, allowing us to craft content that influences your audience toward your objectives. 

INFLUENTIAL was founded by Heather Macaulay, who first realized she had a knack for putting a pen to paper when she won multiple writing contests in elementary school. As a college intern, Heather begrudgingly took on the task of collaborating on a $40,000 grant request to Harvard University's Institute of Coaching; at the time, Heather didn't even know what a grant proposal was, but the request was awarded its full amount, and Heather realized that perhaps she was onto something. 

INFLUENTIAL provides businesses, nonprofits, government, and religious institutions with written content to meet their objectives, whether that be to increase SEO, to influence followers to "click, add to cart, and repeat," to inspire generosity in donors, or to persuade readers toward new ideas. 

Our team specializes in:

- Grant writing and grant program management

- Blogs & vlog scripts

- Scholarly articles and communiqués 

- Website content

- Email and newsletter content

- Social media content

- Press releases

- Promotional brochures

- Resumes and biographical content

INFLUENTIAL is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, but serves businesses and nonprofits nationwide. 

Enough about us. What's Your Story?

Discover how we can help you share your message and influence your audience. Contact us today. 

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